Tekvox debuts 4K video conferencing and PTZ cameras

Tekvox has expanded its camera portfolio with the addition of three models: two 4K panoramic cameras and a new PTZ auto-tracking camera.

All three are hands-off, automated cameras for conference rooms and hybrid learning classrooms.

The new 180º 4K Panoramic Camera (79442-180) and 360º 4K Panoramic Camera (79442-360) offer 4K video capture, clear audio, and plug-and-play operability.

The Tekvox 180º Panoramic Camera can be mounted on top of the display in a conference room or behind the instructor’s desk, facing the students, in a hybrid learning classroom. Its three 4K cameras capture a 180º horizontal field of view, ensuring that everyone in the room is in-frame at all times while auto-tracking follows active speakers as they move. 

Users can take advantage of 6 different video layouts, including the full panoramic image, a speaker-focused view, or a gallery-style look. Built-in front- and rear-facing microphones capture crisp audio from anywhere in the room without the need for external mics. The 180º Panoramic Camera is compatible with all common video conferencing software including Zoom, Webex, and Teams.

At 7-in tall, Tekvox’s 360º Panoramic Camera is designed to sit unobtrusively in the middle of a conference table without obstructing anyone’s view. Its four HD cameras provide 360º, 4K video coverage of everyone in the room without any switching. An adjustable vertical field of view helps accommodate people of different heights and compensate for standing presenters. AI-based auto-framing and tracking keeps everyone in-frame as they move.

Multiple video layouts enable users to customise their experience from a full, panoramic image to a gallery-style view and 2x2 grid. Built-in beamforming array microphones provide omnidirectional audio coverage for immersive meetings, and a built-in speaker delivers clear, full-room audio.

Tekvox’s third new camera, the 79068-Auto 20, is an advanced PTZ auto-tracking camera for high-end hybrid learning that requires minimal first-time setup. Its 20x optical zoom accommodates any room size from a small classroom or training room to a large lecture hall, and it can be mounted discretely and out of the way on a back wall. The camera’s facial recognition and ISP algorithms deliver tracking of a speaker as they move.

The camera supports 1920x1080@60Hz resolutions guaranteeing consistent image quality in rooms of any size. It features up to 65 programmable presets for customisation; RS232, IR, or TCP/IP control; and simultaneous HDMI, USB 3.0, IP, and 3G-SDI video outputs for universal compatibility

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