TechLogix highlights SM Series collaboration products

TechLogix Networx is targeting the collaboration market with its SM Series of AV switching and display control products.

It offers a single port for connecting laptops and tablets and two buttons for controlling media distribution. The port and buttons are mounted onto a 2.25-in (5.72cm) round table insert, which mounts into tables, desks, podiums and other corporate furniture.  

Users can run a meeting and swap on-screen content between three devices using two buttons: an "on/off" button which turns the in-room display on or off, and a "Share-Me" button which switches the video content between users. 

The system is connected using standard audio/video cables (3.5mm and HDMI, DisplayPort or VGA) and does not require setup or programming. TechLogix uses CEC to automatically identify and control connected TVs and monitors.

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