TC Electronic ships LM6 loudness meter

TC Electronic has announced its LM6 Radar Loudness Meter plug-in is now shipping allowing audio professionals using programs such as Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Nuendo, Wavelab, Cubase and Sequoia on a Mac or PC to gain direct access to the meter.

The tool covers mono, stereo and 5.1 productions. Its user interface is similar to TC radar meters for other platforms, for instance LM5D for Pro Tools HD.

LM6 shows loudness history in a single radar-like view. Each radar revolution can span from 1 minute to 24 hours. Two numbers may be selected for display below the radar, for instance Loudness Range and Program Loudness, while all measurements are retained on the Stats page. Loudness history and other key information can be logged as a standard formatted text file that may accompany a program for proof of delivery spec compliance. The LM6 continues measuring when the radar window is closed.

The LM6 Radar Loudness Meter plug-in is available for DAW platforms supporting Audio Units, RTAS, AAX Native or VST plug-in formats. No additional hardware such as Pro Tools TDM or PowerCore is required – the only piece of hardware needed is an iLok 2 USB Key for holding the plug-in license.

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