Tascam debuts Dante-enabled 16-in/16-out stagebox

Tascam has announced a new Dante-enabled stagebox with 16 inputs and 16 outputs: The SB-16D.

The SB-16D combines Dante networking features and integration with Tascam Sonicview digital mixing consoles, offering the ability to be used in other Dante setups. 

The stagebox is controllable via Tascam’s IO Control app or Sonicview consoles and can be used on the floor or rack-mounted. Multiple units can be stacked and used simultaneously on a Dante network.

16 XLR mic/line inputs and 16 XLR line outputs are included to accommodate extensive Dante installation, with each input using a Tascam Class 1 HDIA mic preamp.

The microphone inputs accept levels up to +32 dBu, including signal/clip indicators as well as 48V phantom power. Signal/clip indicators are provided as well as 48V phantom power, with a signal/clip indicator on each output.

When connected to a Tascam Sonicview 16 or 24 mixer, with microphone gain remotely controllable from the console. All inputs and outputs are displayed on the Sonicview touchscreens for easy operation.

Additionally, the stagebox provides eight GPIO inputs and eight GPIO outputs that can be controlled from the mixer or Tascam’s IO Control app.

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