Tannoy updates QFlex steerable audio system

Tannoy has updated its QFlex digital beam steering loudspeaker array. The product will now ship with onboard Voiced Steering Presets, allowing users to select between two different Steering Files so that the system could be optimised to suit changing acoustic environment between two configurations.

This is particularly useful for example where a grand ballroom may be sub-divided into smaller conference rooms, or in a large house of worship – alternating between full-size congregation, and smaller audience zoning depending on the specific event.

The company is now introducing a Gang-Loading feature, which makes it possible to load multiple steering files into a single QFlex column, with master and any associated slave devices updated automatically.

With a similar focus on large-scale applications, Tannoy are also introducing the VNET-Ethernet interface, allowing installers to use Tannoy’s VNET network over Ethernet, which means QFlex can be installed in very large scale or complex networks such as aforementioned major railway station or airport terminal application.

As well as this, there is also a brand new update to the VNET Software (podware) featuring improved GUI and more, adding a new level of functionality and improved layout.

Another update will be released soon, with the forthcoming integration of QFlex BeamEngine with EASE Focus.

Finally, to complement QFlex and other VNET enabled loudspeakers, Tannoy is also introducing a new range of subwoofers, VSXNET. Available in 12.2BP, 15DR and 18DR variants, all VSXNET models are powered, network enabled subwoofers, designed to satisfy a specific requirement for applications where an installed VNET system needs to deliver more low-frequency response is required.

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