Tannoy takes on vandals

Tannoy is tackling vandals with its i9VP (Vandal-Proof) loudspeaker, a slim ruggedly built unit. The product is equipped with four 100m low frequency direct radiating drive units and three 25mm titanium dome tweeters, partially horn loaded and arranged as a line source.

The dispersion characteristics of the i9VP direct sound into the desired space while minimising ceiling reflection from above, suiting the speaker to applications where wide but controlled coverage is required.

The solid metal housing and protected cable run are designed to protect speakers, in outdoor and public places, from malicious damage.

The loudspeaker casing is constructed of ruggedly thick section aluminium, with electro-statically applied paintwork, each layer being hand sanded and polished to produce a deep gloss mirror-like silver finish. The aluminium enclosure and steel front grille provide protection for the speakers. The i9VP also incorporates a custom specified E30 fire resistant cable system.

The coupling effects in the vertical plane result in a narrow and controlled 40 degrees coverage pattern while the horizontal coverage is 120 degrees. The frequency shading and integration techniques employed in the internal passive network are designed to provide a smooth and uniform frequency response from 90Hz to 30kHz.

Tannoy DMT (Differential Material Technology) is used in the extra thick walled aluminium cabinet extrusion in a bid to minimise any cabinet resonance. The i9VP comes with steel mounting brackets that allow the unit to be positioned either vertically or with a four degree angle, directing the sound downwards into the desired area.

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