Symetrix launches SymNet telephone card

Symetrix has released a two line analogue telephone interface card for SymNet for use in teleconferencing, paging and remote system monitoring.

It integrates a complete set of PSTN telephony functions into SymNet Edge and Radius AEC systems configured for teleconferencing. 

The telephone card’s robust feature set includes incoming call detection and answering, DTMF-dialing, speed-dialing, re-dialing, DTMF decoding, do not disturb, caller-ID reception, call progress detection, and continuous line status and fault monitoring.

Telco connections use standard RJ-11 jacks with parallel set connections per line for a physical handset, a dialler, or an ADA-compliant visual or audible device. The modular card may be installed in the field by a certified technician.

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