Symetrix bolsters control options with URC agreement

Symetrix is bolstering its end-user control options with a distribution agreement covering a custom URC KP-4000C colour network keypad kit.

The KP-4000C is manufactured by URC, a control technologies firm headquartered in Harrison, New York. It offers customisable touchscreen or button and joins the Symetrix family of ARC menu-driven wall panel remotes: Symetrix SymVue for PC-based control, and Symetrix ARC-WEB for smartphones and other Internet-connected devices.

The custom kit includes the KP-4000C, black or white faceplate and button options, custom navigation buttons, a power-over-Ethernet injector, and the Symetrix program file for the unit. The program file can be used as-is, or it can be custom-programmed by the integrator to meet the end-users’ needs in conjunction with a Symetrix Zone Mix 761 or other Symetrix IP-controllable units, such as Jupiter, Solus, or SymNet. The KP-4000C is network-ready and completely programmable via an Ethernet connection.

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