Symetrix announces networked WX wall controllers

Symetrix has launched its IP and PoE based WX wall controllers, the W1, W2 and W3, using user-programmable displays for labelling and feedback.

The WX wall controllers allow for an increased number of control devices that can be added to a Symetrix based system, featuring an OLED display and dedicated buttons and knobs which allow the WX controllers to provide standard IP communication over Ethernet, creating a standardised infrastructure. 

The controllers are available in three configurations, with the controls of the WX series able to be use for source selection, volume, mute and pre-set recalls for any Composer based Symetrix DSP. 

The W1 wall controller features a push button encoder and display panel, with the W2 controller including four momentary buttons with the display. The W3 controller combines the hardware features of the W1 and W2 controllers on one panel. 

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