SurgeX power management tools accessed via AMX and Crestron

SurgeX has joined forces with Control Concepts to allow its customers to monitor and manage power distribution through Crestron and AMX automation systems.

The surge elimination specialist has announced availability of Crestron and AMX control system interface modules designed by Control Concepts.

This is designed to facilitate intelligent power management, measurement and reporting and make it easier for integrators and end users to manage their power through an automation system.

SurgeX’s Axess Elite and Axess, provide power monitoring and management and can now be accessed via AMX and Crestron automation systems.

The modules measure energy usage and collect data about system health. Furthermore they report usage data and overall system performance with the same interfaces AMX and Crestron users and dealers are accustomed too. Lastly, the modules allow remote management of IP-enabled SurgeX Axess products.

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