Studio Technologies debuts Dante intercom engine

Studio Technologies has launched its Model 5421 Dante intercom engine, an AoIP party-line intercom system designed for up to 16 users.

The Model 5421 incorporates an intercom-specific auto mix algorithm that is designed to optimise audio quality and reduce ambient interference from open mics. 

The intercom engine is shipped in a ½ rack enclosure, designed for use with Studio Technologies’ 370 series of Dante-enabled intercom beltpacks. 

A Dante-based, AES67 and Dante domain manager-compatible, PoE system is harnessed, using a standard Ethernet LAN. 

An RJ45 Ethernet connection for both data and power is required with set-up handled by Studio Technologies’ ST Controller software. 

A field-programmable gate array mix is used to create a party-line system for up to 16 users, with the engine capable of being divided into one of five group configurations including a single 16-user group to four groups of four users. 

The belt pack’s bi-directional Dante audio paths can be configured by routing transmit (output) and receive (input) pairs to the Model 5421 using Dante Controller software. 

The intercom engine is also compatible with Dante-compatible intercom beltpacks, including single talk/dual listen Model 372 beltpacks and Model 373A beltpacks. 

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