Streaming audio to smart devices with Sennheiser MobileConnect

Sennheiser has unveiled MobileConnect which allows for streaming of live audio to mobile devices. The universal system uses a wireless connection to stream audio to smartphones in conjunction with an app.

MobileConnect comprises of a streaming server as a specific wireless LAN router. The system provides a closed network that users can connect to from their smartphone. Selected audio data is transferred to the smart device via the MobileConnect multi-channel app.Andy Niemann, director of integrated systems division at Sennheiser said: “This solution will enable out customers to simply use their own smartphones to receive audio contents in the future. They obviously know how to use their own device best of all and merely have to download the free MobileConnect app to their smartphone. At the same time, event organizers are no longer faced with the cost of providing, renting and maintaining the audio devices.”Sennheiser’s MobileConnect is currently being used in pilot projects which include theaters in Hamburg as well as the Millerntor stadium of Hamburg's FC St. Pauli soccer team. Sennheiser has previously launched CinemaConnect, which is a similar solution aimed solely at cinema applications.MobileConnect is expected to be available shortly for both Android and iOS devices.

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