Stratacache targets retail with see-through signage

Stratacache has unveiled PrimaSee a translucent retail display designed for in-store advertising.

PrimaSee is a digital display that showcases high-definition, video advertisements embedded within a glass panel. These see-through promotional videos correspond with products visible in the backdrop.

Using an embedded media player, content can be updated based on current promotions.

PrimaSee is designed for freezer/cooler doors, end caps, display cases, countertops, and store fixtures in retail environments.

Using the aisle or end cap as an advertising palette, retailers can cross-promote and offer wayfinding solutions to additional products.

Retailers can also engage customers by offering in-store promotional coupons, videos, or social media interactions via 2D QR codes electronically displayed on the translucent screens.

PrimaSee is powered by Stratacache’s ActiVia for Media software. The web-accessible solution provides tools to create, schedule, manage and monitor marketing messages. Users can centrally deliver real-time, targeted messages to specific locations based on customer demographics and promotional campaigns.

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