Stewart Filmscreen announces new dual screen

Stewart Filmscreen has released Daily Dual, a new projection screen product targeted for screening rooms and multipurpose media rooms that have the need for two screen surfaces available in the same frame.

The patent-pending Daily Dual allows users to select the ideal image surface for each screen’s application, with any Stewart screen material available. A multi-purpose media room could feature a FireHawk G3 material for enhanced viewing in daytime ambient light situations and a StudioTek 100 G3 for critical reference viewing. In use, each surface appears as a matted permanently framed installation, but only one of the surfaces is fixed. The other is an electrically operated roller screen that descends into a shadow box mask.

The configuration allows operators to go back and forth from one surface to another at will, either at the touch of a button or a serial controller command, eliminating set up time and room cross booking conflicts. 

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