Steljes launches Smart 6052i

Steljes has announced the UK launch of the SMART Board 6052i interactive display for business.

The device is an all in one, touch-enabled LCD display designed to help improve the effectiveness of meetings. The 6052i combines an NEC professional-grade LCD display with SMART's DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology to give a large, high-quality display that users can easily operate using their finger or the pencil tool.
Users can use touch gestures on the interactive display to scroll through documents and zoom in on applications or presentations
The interactive display ships with SMART Meeting Pro Premium software providing a powerful and intuitive meeting room solution. Users can write in digital ink in commonly used applications, such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, and save their notes in one file - complete with digital mark-ups. The file can then be saved onto a USB drive or e-mailed immediately, right from the interactive display.

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