launches USB-C Multiport Adapters has launched two USBC-C multiport adapters: the CDPVDHMDPDP and DKT30CHVGPD. ​

 The USB-C 4-in-1 Multiport Video Adapter with Power Delivery, CDPVDHMDPDP, can output video to a single monitor while keeping laptops charged and supporting 4K 60Hz.

The USB-C Multiport Adapter with HDMI, VGA and Power Delivery 3.0 (DKT30CHVGPD) has multiple video output options, as well as power delivery and access to an additional USB-A port and Ethernet.

The adapter supports legacy VGA projection as well as HDMI based systems.

Wired connectivity can also be added with the GbE RJ45 port.

Power Delivery 3.0 features fast role swap, allowing users to avoid USB data disruption when unplugging the power adapter to switch power sources (USB-C power adapter to bus power), however Power Delivery 3.0 must be a supported feature on the user’s laptop to access fast role swap capabilities.

The adapter is also backwards compatible with Power Delivery 2.0 to allow charging of USB-C laptops supporting PD charging.

 Both adapters feature a magnetic wrap-around cable and are available in an aluminium finish.  

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