Stagetec backs Dante with new module

Stagetec has unveiled a new Dante module, an interface board for the Nexus network system that can be used in new and existing networks.

The XDIP board connects Nexus to networks running Audinate’s patented Dante networking, which enables powerful audio and media networks to be created on existing standard Ethernet infrastructure using TCP / IP. Dante also complies with the emerging AVB standard IEEE 802.1BA.

The new Nexus XDIP module supports up to 64 bidirectional audio channels with different sampling rates. SRC's are included in the standard price with 64 on the inputs and 64 on the outputs (performed within the on board FPGA).

It is fully compatible with Dante’s network integration with automatic device discovery and system configuration. A preferred field of application is installations where existing standard Ethernet-LAN’s are to be used for audio signal transmission.

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