Stage tracking with TTA

TTA has advanced its Stagetracker performer tracking and audio localisation system with the addition of Stagetracker FX. The Norwegian theatre specialist says the new product incorporates firmware and software can handle up to 32 performers.

With 32 input, 32-output matrix, the Stagetracker FX offers tracking and localisation options for sound effects. It has integrated FX editing and playback capabilities, tracking that requires no calibration and weatherproof hardware suitable for outdoor use.

The Stagetracker system enables the positions of performers on stage to be tracked in real time. The actor’s position is applied to their microphone signal and their voice appears to follow them as they move around the stage.

Used in conjunction with a surround sound speaker configuration, Stagetracker FX is designed to position the voice of a performer anywhere in the theatre or have it follow pre-programmed movement around the auditorium.

The same tracking and localisation options are now also available for sound effects. Any sound effect may be placed under tracking control and it will automatically follow a performer or object moving around the stage.

TTA has incorporated its FX Audio Editor into the system, providing editing and playback tools.

The Stagetracker FX matrix now features two operational modes, Zone mode and the new Pan Between Points (PbP).

While Zone mode is designed to work with a distributed sound system, the PbP mode is suited to use with line array systems, now the popular choice with many auditoria.

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