Stage Tec to unveil new mixing consoles at Stage Set Scenery 2019

Stage Tec will launch its Avatus mixing console, designed for theatre and live events applications.

The console relies on colour coding for control elements such as encoders.

Two 21-in FHD multi-touch screens are included per fader module without a fixed centre section.

The Avatus will be available in sizes between 12 and 96 faders, with a number of hardware versions available.

The Crescendo-T will also be revealed at the show, featuring extended automation with View, Active and Offset as well as a scene automation timecode trigger which can be used to call up scene events.

The equaliser has been expanded to eight bands, 4x peak and one high-pass filter each, low-pass filter, high-shelving filter and low-shelving filter.

Crescendo-T also allows for Waves integration, with the Waves plugin able to be connected to the scene automation.

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