Stage Tec doubles Nexus capacity in time for ProLight 2017

Stage Tec has released the V5.28 software release of its Nexus system, announced just ahead of ProLight + Sound in Frankfurt, it can now be upgraded to more than double the size possible previously.

Until now, the number of Base Devices was capped at 31. The audio network can manage up to 64,000 I/Os. By combining an enhanced number of Base Devices with the recently increased capacity of Nexus fibre-optic lines, it has become possible to upgrade new and existing systems to create large-scale networks.

Nexus works with an internal bus system based on time division multiplexing and provides a range of I/O options, including IP technology. The system's functionality goes beyond that of a pure audio router. It handles control tasks, switches external signals transparently through the network, performs DSP functions and other features.

The software release V5.28 will be available at the end of the second quarter.

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