SoundTube releases WLL-II wireless system

SoundTube Entertainment has announced the release of its updated WLL-II series wireless transmitter/receiver system.

Suited to retrofit projects or temporary audio setups, the system supplies 50W per channel to two speakers, and now incorporates three frequency bands for minimal interference from nearby devices.

The WLL-WLL-TR1P-II system features a user-selectable switch allowing operators to choose the 2.4 GHz, 5.2 GHz or 5.8 GHz operating band. Within these bands the system frequency-hops through three RF channels to find the clearest path between the transmitter and receiver(s). It allows as many as 10 receiver units to be used with a single transmitter.

The system’s uses uncompressed audio for maximum quality, and its transmitter may be connected to a range of line level audio sources (including mixers, computer USB outputs and balanced preamp outputs). In addition to the dual 50W outputs for speakers, the WLL receiver provides direct connection to devices such as assistive listening systems and also allows direct connection of a line level signal. The user only needs a power source at the speakers, enabling the placement of speakers in existing installations without the need to run new wiring.

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