SoundTube releases 3-way line array

SoundTube Entertainment has released a three-way line array with a short near-field extent and robust far-field performance.

It utilises an advanced LAPS (Line Array – Point Source) design to achieve a near-field to far-field transition at three metres from the speaker.

Beyond this distance, the speaker’s directivity is a constant 40 x 120 degrees and the frequency response remains consistent.

It features eight four-inch woofers, eight two-inch midrange drivers and one 2.5-inch planar magnetics (ribbon) high frequency driver.

A number of mounting options support the use of the LA-880i on walls, near ceilings, on poles, or suspended via cables (flown).

For spaces with high reverberation time, additional low frequency directivity can be achieved with the addition of the LA-808i LFDE (Low Frequency Directivity Element).

This unit is installed either above or below the LA-880i to enhance the directivity of low frequencies by up to an octave lower than with the LA-880i alone.

The LA-880i and LA-808i will be available for delivery in mid-March.

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