SoundTube DSP amp is certified for plenum spaces

MSE Audio has announced UL 2043 certification of the SoundTube IPD-Hub 2 amplifier for use in plenum spaces.

SoundTube’s IPD-Hub 2 amplifier is a 2-channel Dante amp with DSP built in. The amp is AES67 compatible and powered by PoE, PoE+ or 40W PoE. It includes an RJ45 Ethernet connection and can be used with Radio Design Labs Format A (RDL) or Attero Tech Axiom line level, mic level, balanced XLR or Bluetooth input devices – stereo or mono.  


MSE Audio says the IPD-Hub 2 amplifier supports the creation of a complete Dante-enabled audio system using SoundTube RVC-1 controls without using a traditional DSP. Using a decentralised DSP amplifier in each zone rather than a centralised DSP can reduce hardware costs.


The product is suited to small to medium-sized applications, including bars, restaurants, hospitality and education facilities. Local and Dante-inputs with simplified network control allow the IPD-Hub 2 to address the network requirements for commercial audio connectivity. The IPD-Hub 2 includes two RJ-45, one Dante and one local input, and a two-channel speaker output for flexible audio distribution.

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