Sony unveils projectors with eco-features

Sony has unveiled two new series of projectors for applications in small office, corporate or education environments.

The new models include the VPL-D100 series, designed specifically for the SMB and corporate markets and the VPL-E200 series designed with features specific to the education market.

Common features include an auto lamp dimming function, which enables the projector to intelligently detect if it is left on with a static signal being fed. When a static signal is detected, the lamp can be dimmed to 30 per cent of the original brightness at certain time intervals set by the user. When a new signal is sent, the projector returns to full brightness instantly.

To avoid unnecessary power consumption, the new projectors have an Auto Brightness Adjustment Function, where the brightness of the lamp’s output is automatically adjusted depending on the brightness of the projected image. For example, when showing darker images that don’t require high brightness, the lamp output will decrease.

An Eco Mode function on all of the projectors gives users the ability to switch between three brightness modes (high, standard and low), allowing the user to control the power consumption of the projector, increasing the life of the lamp and projector. In addition, by applying a new fine-tuned cooling system to reduce clouding of the bulb, Sony has extended the lamp life to approximately 7,000 hours, depending on the lamp mode selected.

The E200 Series models all have standard features including a 16W speaker, 2xRGB, HDMI, S-Video, RS-232C, RJ-45, microphone input and optional wireless capabilities.

Remote control of multiple projectors can be performed via a LAN (wired) network. Users can also project images wirelessly. For either application, an optional IFU-WLM3 wireless USB dongle for wireless connection is required.

The VPL-DX120 and the VPL-DX140 are the first of Sony’s new D100 series targeted at the SMB and corporate market. They combine sleek style and all the necessary features for these markets coming standard with 1X RGB, 1X HDMI and Video.

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