Sony launches Sonic Surf VR immersive spatial audio system

Sony was at InfoComm 2018 to show Sonic Surf VR, a suite of spatial audio technology combined with new multi-channel speakers and specially developed software designed to simulate placing, moving, and partitioning sounds in one space using an intuitive software application. The result is an interactive area where sounds move freely around within a space to create immersive experiences.

Sonic Surf VR is suitable for wide range of applications, such as location-based entertainment like theme parks, special events, exhibitions, museums, aquariums and corporate showrooms.

Sonic Surf VR offers headphone-free multi-language audio commentary for visitors to museums, galleries, and theme park attractions. Partitioning effects focus individual audio sources on specific locations, with less interference so the audience can clearly hear the commentary in one language while standing at a particular location, or shift a few paces and hear a totally different language — with no need for headphones or audio guides.

Sonic Surf VR language

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