Sony launches laser projector range at ISE 2020

Sony has unveiled five laser projector models, ranging from 5,000 Lumens to 13,000 Lumens, with three new WUXGA models: The VPL-FHZ131L (13,000 Lumens), VPL-FHZ101L (10,000 Lumens) and the VPL-FHZ91L (9,000 Lumens) in addition to a 5000 Lumens medium brightness mid-range compact range including the VPL-PHZ12 (WUXGA) and the VPL-CWZ10 (WXGA) entry model.

All models feature a preset ‘installation location’ mode to automatically adjust image quality, light source output level and the cooling system, with users able to change the settings from a choice of preset modes including meeting/classroom mode to increase visibility of text in bright environments, museum mode prioritising low-noise and facility mode designed for entertainment venues. 

The VPL-FHZ131L, VPL-FHZ101L and VPL-FHZ91L feature an advanced intelligent setting function with an additional multi-screen mode, optimising colours when projecting on multiple units. 

The feature automatically controls the temperature of the installation environment and frequency of usage. 

The VPL-FHZ131L, FHZ101L and the FHZ91L feature a wide lens shift capability (Max vertical +107%, horizontal +60%) in a range of settings.

The optional short-throw lens, the VPLL-Z4107, can be combined with the projectors for venues with limited throw distance. 

3G-SDI input is enabled with an adaptor that is available separately, allowing for projectors to be operated in city halls and event spaces. 
The projectors also support Extron’s XTP systems with Crestron Connected for integration and operation. 

 The VPL-PHZ12 0.76-in panel features an incorporated optical compensator, with images and text able to be seen in bright environments. 

A dedicated terminal for HDBaseT is included, with a LAN terminal for network control that allows users to monitor the status of units remotely using the LAN, transmitting video/audio/control signals over distances with HDBaseT. 

The VP-CWZ10 uses a 0.64-in panel, using a scaler chip and including optimised parameter settings to full HD resolution (1920x1080) to project images with a WXGA LCD panel. 

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