Sony launches IP-based ceiling beamforming microphone

Sony has launched its MAS-A100 beamforming microphone, with the ceiling-mount microphone featuring an intelligent feedback reducer function alongside a dual-channel output that captures the voices of speakers.

Support for Dante and PoE is provided, with the intelligent feedback reducer function capable of extracting speech sound while suppressing feedback via digital signal processing. 

After capturing voice, the microphone uses an automatic gain control function to automatically adjust the output volume to be consistent.  

A dual-channel output enables simultaneous speech reinforcement and recording, capable of recording the voices of speakers and participants. 

Auto-noise reduction capabilities are also included, designed to minimise background noise from air conditioners and projectors. 

The microphone can be integrated into existing AV setups, capable of being used with a range of products via Dante support. 

The MAS-A100 also features an automatic calibration function, automatically optimising the parameters of the audio processing for speech reinforcement by generating and capturing the test signal during the installation process. 

The microphone can also be used with Sony’s microphone array system manager software (MASM-1) to centralise configuration and management of multiple microphones in numerous rooms via an IP connection. 

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