Sony launches AI based edge analytics system ’‹

Sony has released its REA-C1000 AI based Edge Analytics system, allowing users to create video content in real time without specialised training or additional equipment.

The REA-C1000 uses AI-based video analytics to analyse the input it receives from connected cameras and automatically extracts the object in focus to combine with other images in real time.

Sony's edge analytics system was first unveiled at ISE 2019 ahead of its official release. 

Using a combination of motion/face detection and colour/shape recognition, the REA-C1000 can also have additional features installed, including a handwriting extraction and presenter overlay, allowing audiences to see written content and diagrams, as well as the presenter’s gestures and expressions.

PTZ auto tracking is also available, tracking a presenter and keeping them in frame and focus. This is supported by ‘Close-up’ by Gesture, detecting and reacting to gestures of audience members in real time.

edge analytics secondary

Other features will be added in autumn 2019, including Chroma Keyless CG overlay, allowing the presenter to be extracted and overlayed onto backgrounds without a dedicated green screen.

Focus area cropping will also be available in the autumn, offering an overview image in 4K and a cropped image in HD.  

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