Sony launches 4K and 3D medical displays

Sony has announced the launch of its first medical monitors to combine 4K and 3D imaging technologies.

The LMD-X550MT (55-in) and LMD-X310MT (31-in) 4K 3D surgical monitors are designed for use with 4K or 3D endoscopes and surgical microscopes in operating rooms, as well as in medical facilities for training and education. The new monitors display 2D and 3D content in 4K or HD resolution.

The new monitor series can display an increased number of 3D signal formats, compared to existing models, in both HD and 4K resolutions. In the case of dual-channel 3D HD video format, used by many 3D endoscopes, these new monitors can combine and reproduce the full HD resolution of both left and right channels, whereas conventional 3D monitors have to discard 50% of the vertical resolution as they are limited to using an HD panel.

The monitors also include Sony's original OptiContrast panel, an optical technology that reduces glare and reflection, and increases contrast to assure images with deep black reproduction.

AIME (Advanced Image Multiple Enhancer) allows operators to adjust the structure and colours of 4K and 3D images from endoscopes and surgical microscopes in real time, for more comfortable viewing.

Designed to enhance any Operating Room (OR), these monitors incorporate an edge-to-edge water resistant glass front design, aluminum housing and a removable cable cover at the rear to hide connectors and manage cables. Due to the design of the monitors they can be wiped down using commonly available cleaning solutions for infection control.

The monitors will also come equipped with compatible and disposable 3D eye-shields that are intended for use by surgeons and nursing staff viewing images on Sony´s medical monitors.

The eye-shields comply with the requirements outlined by Annex II of Directive 89/686/EEC on Personal Protective Equipment, and can be used to protect staff against splashes from blood and other liquids, as well as enabling 3D viewing on surgical monitors during laparoscopic surgical procedures.

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