Sony introduces touchscreen overlays for Bravia pro displays

Sony has introduced a family of touchscreen overlays for its Bravia pro displays. The overlays transform Bravia screens into large touch displays, suitable for a range of interactive environments from boardrooms, lobbies and classrooms to shops and museums.

Touch-enabled Bravia pro displays increase interactive collaboration opportunities for corporate workers and create enhanced customer experiences for retailers and visitor attractions.

Offering an even more compelling price/performance compared with Sony’s previous line-up, there’s now a total of 12 overlays in screen sizes from 43 up to 100-in, all offering guaranteed compatibility with current Bravia pro displays.

Seven overlay models (available as 43/49/55/65/75/85/100-in) use infrared (IR) technology. A further five overlay models (available as 43/49/55/65/75-in) use capacitive technology, as found in tablets and smartphones.

All new overlay models feature 10-point multi-touch operation. Suitable for information points, classrooms and visitor attractions, this allows several people to interact with the screen at the same time. The overlay’s anti-glare surface allows visibility, even in sunny or harshly-lit environments.

Overlays are powered directly by Bravia, simplifying installation with no need for extra mains power cables and sockets.

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