Sony introduces 4K OLED monitor

Sony has launched the PVM-X550, a 55-in 4K OLED monitor suitable for verifying 4K footage during production.

The PVM-X550 incorporates Sony’s TRIMASTER EL technology, which makes the monitor suitable for 4K cinema production and 4K live production.

The PVM-X550 supports HDR through various Electro-Optical Transfer Functions (EOTF), such as S-Log3, SMPTE ST.2084 and Hybrid Log-Gamma, covering applications for both cinematography and broadcast.  It is equipped with the same signal-processing engine as the BVM-X300, providing a 12-bit output signal for the best picture accuracy and consistency.

It also supports various industry standard colour spaces including the wider ITU-R BT.2020 for Ultra High Definition. These all work in tandem with TRIMASTER EL technology to ensure that professionals across the broadcast and cinematography industries are provided excellent, vibrant and reliable images.

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