Sony extends TEOS line-up for corporate AV networks

Sony has announced a suite of products as part of its flagship ‘TEOS’ offering. New features enable users to control AV devices from their own smartphones, use tablets to book meeting rooms and create a virtual receptionist.

The launch of TEOS Connect will also enable intuitive content sharing for all users through instant wireless mirroring.

Under the TEOS family, this product suite will be available as part of a solutions package for all corporate communication needs including:

TEOS Connect which enables employees in the corporate environment to instantly mirror content wirelessly from laptops to Bravia Professional Displays. Without the need for a hardware receiver, it is available separately from TEOS Manage and will enable content sharing for organisations within both large meeting rooms and small huddle spaces.

TEOS Book –  As part of the wider TEOS Manage offering, this additional service enables users to avoid double bookings and poor space utilisation by installing a 7-in or 10-in tablet on the outside of a meeting room that allows employees to easily check in, book, and extend meetings all while integrating with Sony’s range of B2B grade Android tablets. The room booking system is fully compatible with Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Google Agenda.

TEOS Reception –The service provides a virtual receptionist for offices and corporate environments. A solution for organisations without a dedicated receptionist, it ensures visitors get a welcome, are informed and can check in to notify the host of their arrival.

TEOS Remote – This enables employees to take control of connected devices from their smartphone or an in-room tablet. It also allows for customisation to create your own look and feel. Scan an NFC code and get direct control over the meeting room as you enter.

TEOS Manage - Additionally, an upgrade to the core TEOS Manage solution, V1.3, adds many additional features including room booking, virtual reception, interface improvements such as alarm management, projector and display management as well as Active Directory compatibility.

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