Sony enhances C-Series projectors

Sony has expanded its C-Series line up of projectors with the launch of three updated BrightEra 3LCD models: the VPL-CW276, VPL-CW256 and VPL-CX236.

The VPL-CX236 projector offers a 4100-lumen brightness and 1.66 - 2.41:1 throw ratio whereas the VPL-CW256 and VPL-CW276 offer a 4500 and 5100 lumen brightness and 1.32 -1.91:1 throw ratio.

In addition, the VPL-CX236 features three brightness modes. One of these, the low brightness mode, reduces power consumption and extends the lamp lifetime to approximately 5,000 hours.

The projectors are also equipped with reduced fan noise thanks to whisper operation, as well as two freshly installed HDMI ports and come with horizontal and vertical lens shift functions for greater installation flexibility.

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