Sony announces 8K displays at CES 2020

Sony Europe is the latest manufacturer to announce new ranges of advanced new televisions at CES, including new 8K models.

Unveiling this week at CES, the new models include the ZH8 8K Full Array LED, A8 (55-in and 65-in) and A9 (48-in) 4K OLED, and XH95 and XH90 4K Full Array LED sets. 

Creating a more realistic viewing experience, Sony has utilised its Picture Processor X1 Ultimate for clear and precise picture quality, coupled with its Sound-from-Picture Reality feature to give viewers the impression that the sound is coming directly from the screen. 

Focusing on recreating the creator’s intent, the new models feature Netflix Calibrated Mode, which offers studio-quality Netflix content, as well as IMAX Enhanced in selected models.

Sony is also introducing a new technology with the new TVs to optimise picture and sound quality in any environment. The new feature, Ambient Optimisation, will automatically adjust the picture brightness to the ambient light in the room.

The new feature also detects objects in the room, such as curtains and furniture that might absorb or reflect sound, and fine-tunes the acoustics so that the sound is not compromised in any way. 

The ZH8 model features Sony’s new Frame Tweeter technology, which vibrates the frame of the TV to emit sound. 

For sports fans, the X-Motion Clarity will be available on the OLED line, refining action on the screen in real time for an unparalleled sports viewing experience. 

Featuring X-Wide angle technology, the XH95 4K Full Array LED TV (in 55-in size and above) can be viewed from any angle without losing the vivid colours and brightness. 

The TV line up will also feature a new Immersive Edge design concept, incorporating a discrete stand which is now located at the edge of the screen, creating a minimalist design for an improved and unobstructed viewing experience. 

Sony’s voice activated TVs work alongside Google Assistant to provide a smarter experience. Viewers can use voice commands to control the TV as well as control smart home devices connected to the TV such as light control. 

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