Sony adds new projectors

Sony Professional has broadened its line of 3LCD business projectors with two new models.

The VPL-FX500L model delivers 7,000 lumens of Colour Light Output and is capable of the widest lens shift in its class, suitable for large-screen applications such as University lecture halls and corporate auditoriums. The VPL-FX30 provides 4,200 lumens of Colour Light Output and is equipped with 1.6x standard zoom lens for flexible installation, ideal for middle sized Lecture Halls or meeting rooms.

The VPL-FX500L’s Twin Lamp System provides fail-safe and economical operation. It can output a total of 7,000 lumens with just one lamp. However, a second lamp is built-in to provide automatic back-up should the primary lamp fail. The two lamps are alternatively used, allowing the total expected lamp life to total up to approximately 8,000 hours

To tackle areas where dust is a problem, both projectors also feature a completely new airflow design called Quad Filter System which uses only one in-take and out-take air filter. As a result, the projectors need to be cleaned less frequently, only when the lamp is replaced.

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