Sonance debuts commercial Invisible speakers

Sonance has announced the launch of two new commercial Invisible series speakers, offering 70V/100V/6 Ohm options.

Sonance’s IS6T and IS8T loudspeakers feature Sonance’s Motion Flex technology with a bending wave diaphragm featuring a 44mm voice coil. Low frequencies are generated by an Air Flex woofer with an air pule diaphragm driven by either a six-in (165mm) or eight-in (203mm) carbon fibre woofer to create a frequency response of 50Hz-30KHz and 40Hz-30KHz at -3dB.

Both models include Sonance’s Laminated Core technology transformer for full-fidelity performance in either 70V or 100V mode with tap settings of 30W, 15W, 7.5W and 3.8W (70V), 60W, 30W, 15W and 7.5W (70V) respectively with a six Ohm bypass.

Both models can be installed flush into a ceiling or wall and finished over with up to 3mm of flexible material such as compound venetian plaster, wood veneer or wallpaper.

The loudspeakers also feature UL2043 certification as well as NFPA90 and NFPA70 S7232 for use in air handling spaces, as well as UL1480 certification for emergency signalling and evacuation.

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