Sommer overhauls MonoCAT cables

Sommer Cable has overhauled its MonoCAT cable family and released a number of hybrid cables containing network lines complemented by signal or power supply elements.

The cables allows users to connect digital sound, light or video control desks using one cable. Sommer cites applications in installation and conference sectors.
Cables have a reworked internal Cat 7 construction in SFTP with a line gauge of 0.22 mm2. This allows transmission of signals based on gigabit Ethernet over distances up to 100m. 

The power wires have a cross-sectional area of 2.5 mm2 and a flexible overall structure with S-PVC jacket (temperature range -20 ... +75°C).

The following cable types are available in the series: 

MonoCAT 110C: 
1 x CAT.7 (AWG26 patch design) + power (3G2.5), diameter 13.8 mm

MonoCAT 202: 
2 x CAT.7 + 2 x digital audio (incl. DMX), diameter 15.6 mm

MonoCAT POWER 212: 
2 x CAT.7 + 2 x digital audio (incl. DMX) + power (3G2.5), diameter 21.8 mm

MonoCAT POWER 414: 
4 x CAT.7 + 4 x digital audio (incl. DMX) + power (3G2.5), diameter 27 mm