Sommer Cable now shipping 6G/12G SDI products

Sommer Cable is now shipping single SDI lines with guaranteed 6G or 12G SDI transmission over distances of up to 100m (328 ft.) or more.

The project series SC-Vector and SC-Vector Plus have now been tested with 6G and 12G-SDI signals for their maximum transmission distances. It was found that the SC-Vector Plus RCBS 1.6 / 7.0 3G performs reliably up to 360 m (1180 ft.) at 30 fps, or 240 m (800 ft.) at 60 fps and transmitting 6G over up to 120 m (400 ft.).

The company’s latest generation of Hicon BNC connectors for SDI applications now provide even lower return loss, thus ensuring optimum signal quality.

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