Sommer Cable introduces watertight satellite outdoor cable

Sommer Cable has debuted its SC-Aqua Marinex Astral LLX 1.113/5.0, a watertight satellite cable with weatherproofing features to withstand the elements and local wildlife in permanent outdoor installations.

The SC-Aqua Marinex Astral LLX 1.13/5.0 has been designed with damage caused by animals such as rodents or caustic bird droppings in mind, using an Aqua Marinex PUR jacket without a traditional plasticiser which could attract rodents.

The smooth surface of the outer jacket is designed to be difficult for animals to grasp with teeth, with additional reinforcement via an aramid braid which can be used for strain relief.

The cable also provides HDTV transmission quality, with integrated protective banding for permanent underwater installations.

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