Smart targets business with collaboration tech

AUTHOR: Inavate

Smart Technologies has announced four collaboration systems for business to offer users more functionality for whiteboard use, web browsing and PDF viewing.

New systems include the Smart Board 885ixe interactive whiteboard system, the Smart Board 885ie interactive whiteboard system, the Smart Board 880ie interactive whiteboard system and the Smart Board 8070ie interactive display. Each features Smart Meeting Pro software and the Smart GoWire auto-launch cable, which allows a user to connect a laptop to the system in order to share files, launch programs, open documents, brainstorm and save notes.

Data cannot be saved to the appliance, ensuring enhanced network security. Users are not required to log on under personal credentials to access files and software.

The Smart Board interactive whiteboard or display allows users to manipulate and write over digital content. By connecting a laptop using the Smart GoWire cable, users can insert handwritten content directly into AutoCAD files and most Microsoft software applications, including PowerPoint, Excel and Word. These annotations and any documents opened or created during the meeting can be captured and e-mailed to meeting participants or saved to a USB key.

When the collaboration system is used in conjunction with Smart Bridgit conferencing software, local and remote participants can view and share documents.