Smart-e launches 4K-TX941 HDBaseT splitter

Smart-e has announced the launch of the 4K-TX941, an enhanced version of the 4K-TX940 launched last year, the new model includes the ability to transmit RS232 signals through the same Cat 6 cable that distributes the 4K HDMI video signals.

In addition to all previous benefits provided by the 4K-TX940, including transmitting 4K UHD resolution HDMI signals over 100m of Cat 6 cable, four HDBaseT ports with POC and enhanced EDID management, the 4K-TX941 allows the source device to send RS232 signals to the displays providing a valuable method of remote control.

Using the 4K-TX941, a user can remotely deactivate as many screens as are not currently in use, thus extending their active use whilst saving power and the reducing the cost to the environment.

Additionally, accessible public displays can be manually interfered with, so it is important to check if the input channel or other settings have been altered. Using the RS232 function of the 4K-TX941 allows the control system to monitor the status of the display and change it back to the correct settings when necessary.

In addition to these more major benefits, the 4K-TX941 can be used to control screen features, including volume control and brightness. Connecting the RS232 to the 4K-TX941 is simple, using a 3 pin screw terminal block which allows for the inevitable variation in cable pinout. 4K-RX904 receivers at the display end have the same connector.

This HDCP 2.2 compliant 4K-TX941 compact unit is suitable for digital signage use in Retail, Houses of Worship, Education and Transport.

The 4K-TX941 is available direct from Smart-e and its distributor network. All Smart-e equipment comes with a 3-year warranty and unlimited technical support.

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