Smart-e goes long with KVM extenders

Smart-e Limited has launched two KVM long-range extenders, the FDX-3000S and FDX-3500S.

The FDX-3000S extends signals over 400m with multi-mode fibre, whilst the FDX-3500S using single-mode fibre, transmits to devices at up to 15km distance from the source. 
Consisting of a transmitter and receiver pair, this equipment is capable of distributing DVI-D, stereo audio and USB keyboard and mouse with the option to send RS232 commands to the display. The receiver features two USBs, one audio, one DVI-D video and RS232 inputs.
Featuring high content resolutions up to 1920x1200 @ 60Hz, the extenders support USB touch screens, are compatible with KVM switches and have a programmable DDC table. Powered from a single DC supply, the unit can be mounted in a standard 19” cabinet with a rack mount adapter.
Designed for use with isolated workstations and with a simple ‘plug and play’ installation procedure, these compact and cost-effective units are suitable for galvanitic isolation areas such as medical treatment rooms and call centres, computer control stations, remote server office set ups, large reception areas, recording studios, and editing suites.

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