Smart-e boosts picture quality

Smart-e says it has enhanced picture quality from remote devices by adding dynamic EQ and Skew compensation to its corporate AV solutions.

The company’s solution automatically compensates for the differing cable lengths and possible skew errors that can occur in CAT6 cable. The function has been added to Smart-e’s 2112 presentation and conferencing solution (SNX-2112 and SNX-2114).

Settings are pre-programmed at installation by selecting the cable length between each user. When the system is used, the SLX-RX214 automatically adjusts the picture quality for the specific cable lengths under control of the SNX-2114.

Dynamic EQ has also been added to smartCore, Smart-e’s range of large CAT* to CAT* non-blocking matrices which enable the sharing of AV resources building-wide. Using smartiP, the company’s software interface, the cable length adjustments for picture quality are set and stored so that when a video source is selected, adjustments are sent automatically to the receiver unit.

The function is being provided as standard on selected equipment, and can be fitted retrospectively.

CAT* refers to Category 5, 5e, 6, 7 and 8 structured cabling

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