Smart-e AV solutions for ISE

ISE 2011 sees Smart-e launch SmartCore2, a new range of space-saving, modular command and control AV solutions.

These are designed for use in operation centres typically used by the police, energy, telecoms, security and transport sectors.
The company is also launching its new digital point-to-point solution for 3D viewing at the show. 
SmartCore2 is a multi-format video and stereo audio distribution solution consisting of modular blocks of 16 inputs and 16 outputs, which can be upgraded on-site to reach up to 256 sources and displays. 64 inputs x 64 outputs version fits into a single 6U 19 inch chassis, ideal where space is limited.
SmartCore2 mixes central AV resources with remote, allowing the sharing of AV resources both ‘building wide’ and with remote field locations. Designed for continuous working activity 24/7, SmartCore2 controls a wide range of applications where the transmission of AV signals across long distances is required.

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