Smart-e adds remote control with receiver unit upgrade

Smart-e Limited has upgraded its SLX-RX214 CAT 5-8 receiver unit to enable remote adjustment using a PC application via the same CAT 5-8 cable.

It is compatible with all Smart-e products and cable compensation, together with individual colour skew correction, can be adjusted using on-screen scroll bars or alternatively precise cable distances can be input if known.

Horizontal and vertical sync polarity previously set by internal jumpers can now be selected both through the application and via the external buttons removing the need to detach the lid.

A new feature allows the user to adjust the overall amplitude of the RGB signal helping and a ‘time-out’ facility of the setting mode allows the receiver to return to its normal operating mode if the buttons are not pressed within two minutes.

The SLX-RX214 can be used for point-to-point applications together with multi-display installations such as digital signage.

Remote control allows the installer to adjust the picture quality whilst viewing the image from the correct distance.

The receiver is often located in difficult to access areas, such as behind video walls and in ceilings. The new enhancements make it possible to alter all the receiver settings from the transmitter/matrix, without the need to access the receiver.

Smart-e has released a new configuration application to allow EQ, skew, gain and sync polarity to be set via RS232 either locally at the receiver via serial cable, or remotely from the transmitter/matrix.

The upgraded version of the SLX-214 retains all the features of the original, is HDTV compatible (720p, 1080i, 1080p), supports UXGA resolutions up to 1600 x 1200, and receives YUV, Y/C, CVBS and Stereo Audio over a single 300m run of CAT5-8 cable.