Smart Board in your hands

Smart Technologies has introduced the Smart Podium 500 series, interactive pen displays that are designed for individual use.

The 518 and 524 interactive pen displays provide the functionality of a Smart Board interactive whiteboard. The new widescreen, high-definition (HD) series features DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology.

Both models are high-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) compliant. Because the tethered pen is the point of contact, users can rest their hand on the interactive display while writing notes or interacting with content. The Smooth Tilt Stand enables users to adjust the angle.

The 518 and 524 models offer an interactive screen size of 18.5" (46.9 cm) and 24" (60.9 cm), respectively, on the diagonal. The 500 series features Smart Meeting Pro software, which enables business users to collaborate with local and remote participants when used in conjunction with Smart Bridgit conferencing software. Users can connect to a computer and projector to share digital content with a group before saving their notes directly into commonly used software applications such as Microsoft Office and AutoCad. Users can also connect a guest laptop directly to Smart Podium using the Smart GoWire auto-launch cable to run Smart Meeting Pro software without installing any software.

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