Smart announces Freestorm visual collaboration solutions

Smart Technologies has announced Freestorm visual collaboration solutions, a set of business products that combines interactive displays, intuitive collaboration software and remote collaboration tools.

They include the new Smart Board 8055i interactive flat panel, Smart Meeting Pro 3.0 software with new Smart Ink and Bridgit 4.5 conferencing software. Each Freestorm system is also designed to work seamlessly with a variety of third-party remote collaboration tools and can be integrated with various industry-specific applications for a comprehensive collaboration solution.

Freestorm also includes training resources, services and support to ensure organisations get the most from their Smart products.

Freestorm visual collaboration solutions transform how people work together using interactive displays and remote collaboration tools, helping them improve productivity and reduce costs. Freestorm solutions enable interaction with virtually any digital material, and remote users can fully participate in collaboration sessions, increasing engagement and fostering teamwork. The Smart Board 8055i interactive flat panel includes presence detection, a feature enabled by sensors that automatically detect user movements, turning on the display and keeping it active when people approach it, and saving energy by turning off when the display is not in use. SMART Meeting Pro software and Bridgit conferencing software enable all meeting participants, whether in-room or remote, to share documents, write notes, save files and easily distribute collaborative work.

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