SiliconCore unveils three technologies

SiliconCore Technology (SCT), a manufacturer of LED displays, has announced three technologies to work within the company’s Common Cathode architecture.

The first technology is a SCL8080 LED driver chip, which culminates a 2.5 year development cycle.  This driver now powers 640 pixels per chip, a benchmark that represents a doubling in the scan rate, a four-fold increase in processing speed and a five-fold increase in pixel processing per driver.

The second enhancement is a Precision Current Pump (PCP).  Each LED printed circuit board (PCB) can inherently possess small variations in impedance for each LED pixel, so this technology compensates for the variations — ensuring complete integrity in every light pulse from each pixel. 

The final new technology is the Spread Spectrum Driver (SSD).  Electro-magnetic interference (EMI) is a critical issue with all contemporary electronics so SSD technology evenly distributes the LED display’s pixel clock speed over a several MHz range, thus eliminating energy spikes and reducing peak EMI by 20db.  

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