SiliconCore unveils large scale HD displays at ISE 2019

SiliconCore has launched its EZ-HD Series fixed sized displays.

The EZ-HD series of LED displays is available in three fixed sizes: 110-in, 130-in and 165-in, and uses a frame system which can be attached to load bearing walls via standardised brackets, with the final install being front-serviceable, measuring less than 4-in in depth.

The EZ-HD displays have a brightness of 1200-1500 nits, featuring two of SiliconCore’s technologies;  common cathode for cooler and fanless operations, emitting less heat and maintaining consistent brightness for the display’s LED lifetime of over 100,000 hours, as well as ‘ZACH’ technology is also enhancing picture quality for vibrant colour and higher contrast.

The displays have the option to receive 10 bit content and can also connect via a single HD DVI/HDMI input.

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