SiliconCore shows LISA prototype

SiliconCore launched LISA (LED In Silicon Array) at ISE, showing a sample of the technology that implements Chip On Board (COB) manufacturing.

The prototype shown at ISE used the LISA platform in a 1.9mm pixel pitch display. Product is expected to ship in June.

To create the display, individual LEDs are directly bonded to PCB’s, removing the use of traditional Surface Mount Diodes (SMDs) on the board to make the module mechanically more robust and rigid.  

SiliconCore says LISA will be the future of its high resolution products for sectors such as command and control, corporate, home theatre, and high end retail. It will offer pixel pitches up to 10mm and 8000 nits. 

The robust design will also make the product suitable for OOH and outdoor applications and can be used for touch applications without the need to apply a glass overlay for protection. 

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